CDMA Cell Phone Unlocking

CDMA Cell Phone Unlocking & Flash Reprogramming Service

Switch Your Service Provider & Keep Your Phone: We can unlock, flash, and reprogram most CDMA cell phones including Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, Qwest, USA 1 Rate, US Cellular, Metro PCS & Cricket! This will allow you to switch service providers and use the same phone! Your phone book, ring tones, and other settings in the phone will stay the same. The only difference will be that it will work with your new carrier! Now you can keep your phone number and your cell phone! We offer a Mail-In Service and Remote Service for CDMA unlocking / flashing / reprogramming. Most CDMA cell phones can be unlocked and flashed at any of our Featured Members store locations. All Motorola cell phones except for the Q can be unlocked and flashed remotely by our technician so if you have a Motorola phone you don’t need to mail it in! Our technician can remotely access your desktop and flash the phone if you have a USB cable to connect it with.


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